Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bears from Japan

And every now and then there are these postcrossing cards that convince you that there are good things, good people in this world, wanting to share, wanting to spread happiness.
I can't see any other reason than that for cards like this one from Mika, Fukushima, Japan.
Apart from choosing a truly lovely Paddington Bear card for me (wonder why I didn't get any Paddingtons before though) she also did an amazing job designing/illustrating the written side of the postcard. She printed out little photos of her trip to a Teddy Bear Museum and glued them on the card, along with little headlines like "Bat Bear" or "Zorro". Along with some decorative tape, lovely stamps and an amazing example of neat Japanese handwriting (looks like it's printed rather than written) this makes a perfect postcrossing card and it brightened my day. Thank you, Mika! 

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