Thursday, May 05, 2016

J. Reppion / C. Worley - Dracula (Graphic Novel)

After reading the original Bram Stoker novel I also found this graphic novel and thought it would be an interesting comparison. It is the complete story and follows the style of the original in showing us different documents by various people. The drawings are dark and surreal, some pictures seem photorealistic, others are more comic style/abstract. The colours are very dark too, even the parts taking place in daylight are dark and forbidding. The colour red is only used for emphasis. This all fits the story very well and the pictures are artistic without question.
Nevertheless I didn't really like the graphic novel. I think it's mainly because the changes of place and time following the different narrator's voices are hard to follow, there are a lot of characters. A great deal of the story has to be told through added documents and lots of text in each panel. I just had the impression that pictures and texts rather competed against each other than working together as they are supposed to do in a graphic novel. But maybe it wasn't just such a good idea to read the original and the graphic novel so shortly after one another.

 John Reppion and Colton Worley, Dracula (Graphic Novel). Panini, Stuttgart 2010.

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