Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sex & Fun

Coupling ist eine britische Sitcom von Steven Moffat. Vier Staffeln, die original von 2000 bis 2004 bei BBC2 liefen.
Dates, Sex und die üblichen, unvermeidlichen Missverständnisse - jede Menge Frauen- und Männertalk, zum Teil zum Brüllen komisch, zum Teil auch bittere Wahrheit. Spaß macht's allenthalben. Zum Beispiel:

Men - and I don't mean to generalize - are crap.
They're the human race's only failed gender. Who needs them?
And why are they so difficult to keep hold of? Do you think they realize, that were it not for the genetic imperative to populate the earth, they wouldn't get a date? That's one hell of an inducement: no pressure, girls, but shag one of these or it's curtains for all humankind! That's harassment.
But do you know what? Do you know what's even more crap than men? We are more crap than men.... These magazines! A hundred pages of "men are useless bastards," and an article about why you should wake him up with a blow job.
Am I alone in spotting the inconsistency here?

Coupling, "Split," original airdate 23 September 2002, written by Steven Moffat, spoken by the character Susan

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