Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Vienna Teng

Musik, Texte, Instrumente und Stimme fügen sich glücklich zusammen. "Dreaming Through The Noise" (2006) and "Waking Hour" (2002) gefallen mir beide sehr gut und ich entdecke ständig wieder einen anderen Song, den ich großartig finde und an dem ich mich nicht satt hören kann. Das ist schon ungewöhnlich.

Blue, blue caravan, winding down to the valley of lights, my true love is a man who would hold me for 10,000 nights. In the wild, wild wailing wind he's a house in the soft yellow moon. So blue, blue caravan won't you carry me down to him, soon?

Blue, blue caravan, won't you drive away all of these tears? My true love is a man that I haven't seen in years. He said: "Go where you have to, for I belong to you until my dying day," so like a fool, blue caravan, I believed him and I walked away.

Oh, my blue, blue caravan
Oh, the highway is my great wall. My true love is man who never existed at all.
Oh, he was a beautiful fiction I invented to keep out the cold.
And now my blue, blue caravan I can feel my heart growing old.

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