Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Terry Pratchett - Eric

I had read Eric before but couldn't remember most of it. The story centers around the wizard Rincewind and a 13-year-old boy called Eric Thursley and follows up Sourcery (or Der Zauberhut). The latter wants to have to a demon to do his bidding but unfortunately Rincewind is trapped in the dungeon dimensions and accidentally conjured up instead of a demon.
The boy wants no small things but the mastery of all kingdoms, to meet the most beautiful woman who ever existed, to live forever, and to be given a chest of gold. Rincewind seems unable to provide any of these things he thinks - until he snaps his fingers and things start to happen...
Pratchett finds funny settings for all three wishes: Eric becomes ruler of a the empire in the rain forest of Klatch as a parody of the Aztec Empire, they meet a not-so-very-beautiful Elenor (reference to Helen of Troy) after arriving in a large wooden (Trojan) horse and finally they leave time and space to go back to the beginning of existence to literally live forever. When Eric is bored with the nothingness he finalises his summoning and they end up in hell where Rincewind causes some confusion and with the help of Lord Vassenego, a demon Lord, they finally escape.
Of course this Rincewind novel comes with all the typical Rincewind dialogues and mishaps, the Luaggage does its best and there is a bunch of interesting characters. I don't think the Eric character works so well, he falls short behind everyone else. Not the best of all Pratchetts but hey, it's Rincewind!
Of course the audiobook is read very well by Stephen Briggs.

Terry Pratchett, Eric. ISIS 1990.

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