Thursday, November 06, 2008

No more rainy days

We're breaking things we can't repair
and none of us will take the blame
No, nothing can be done this time
All the memories that we made
I threw them all away
There's no need to talk it over

Don't let me get you down
Let's just move on
I am setting you free

'Cause I don't wanna hurt no more
No, I don't wanna make you go through one more rainy day
No, I don't wanna hurt no more
Strange enough I always knew
I'm taking off today
Don't wanna hurt no more

The darkness you left in my soul
How do we know how much we've lost?
Will the moon be shining as bright as before?
And as I'm singing this song
the tears well up in my eyes
And I will always wonder
why I will never have
the life I wanted
Now I'm letting it go

Anouk, I don't wanna hurt (from the album Who's You Mama, 2007)

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