Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Nicht mehr ganz neues Anouk-Album, Who's your Momma, aber neu entdeckt.

Mag ich. Mag Stimme, Stimmung, Musik, Texte.

I lay my weapon down, won't fight no more.
Try to get you by my side.
Though I have been in love before,
They could never take my clouds away.

Don't stop the music, it feels good,
It keeps my mind of me missing you,
Keep the rain away,
There is nothing for me here,
Without you by my side.

Babe if you were mine,
I won't hesitate at all,
You just let me know,
I'll be the one to catch your fall.
Anything you need,
Don't give me away,
You make me so confused,

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