Saturday, July 10, 2010


In half a year I got more than 70 postcards from 24 different countries (the most exotic ones being New Zealand with a travelling distance of nearly 18000km (!) or United Arab Emirates, it was actually from Abu Dhabi) and sent the same amount of cards out into the world to 27 different states.
I can't decide whether I like getting or writing cards more.
It's perfect to come home from work and find a little piece of the world in form of greetings from far away in your mailbox, with nice photos of foreign places, different stories told and beautiful stamps to look at.
But I also love the moment when the next adress appears on the screen, along with a few lines of profile notes, maybe some interesting wishes what should be on the postcard. You can wonder what that person is like, where he or she lives, what life he or she leads... And then I can browse through my box of cards and try to choose the perfect card for that person.
I guess I'm really happy with this new hobby of mine. :)
Happy postcrossing indeed!
PS.: Picture is a postcard sent from the USA by PollyJ!

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