Sunday, December 03, 2023

Virginia Woolf - Mrs Dalloway

I picked this up because it fits a prompt on my popsugar reading challenge (A book that takes place entirely in one day) and it has been on my reading list for quite some time. Librivox provided the audiobook version. But after listening for a while I know I won't bring myself to finish it. I read To the Lighthouse a few months ago and it was hard to finish because of this endless stream-of-consciousness and lack of a real plot. Mrs Dalloway might be another milestone of British literature but I lack the will-power to endure another novel with many, many thoughts and observations but without any action. I might try to watch the film adaptation to close the gap but I won't finish the book. Probably my loss but I am in need of an easier read. 

Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway. Librivox 2021.

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