Friday, March 22, 2013

Terry Pratchett: A List

I read a lot of Terry Pratchett's discworld novels over the years.
I didn't read them in chronological order or cared about if I read them all. To be honest, I'm not even sure which ones I've read. So I decided to make a proper list here and come back from time to time and update.
I don't have favourite characters, they all have their own specialities, they are all funny and thoughtful in different ways. Pratchett's characters are unique, I appreciate them all.

Equal Rites (1987)
Wyrd Sisters (1988)
Witches Abroad (1991)
Lords and Ladies (1992)
Maskerade (1995)
Carpe Jugulum (1998)
The Wee Free Men (2003, Tiffany Aching)
A Hat Full of Sky (2004, Tiffany Aching)
Wintersmith (2006, Tiffany Aching)
I Shall Wear Midnight (2010, Tiffany Aching)

The Colour of Magic (1983)
The Light Fantastic (1986)
Sourcery (1988)
Eric (1990)
Interesting Times (1994)
The Last Continent (1998)
The Last Hero (2001)

The Wizards
Equal Rites (1987)
Sourcery (1988)
Moving Pictures (1990)
Reaper Man (1991)
Soul Music (1994)
Interesting Times (1994)
Hogfather (1996)
The Last Continent (1998)
The Last Hero (2001)
Unseen Academicals (2009)

The City Watch
Guards! Guards! (1989)
Men at Arms (1993)
Feet of Clay (1996)
The Fifth Elephant (1999)
The Truth (2000)
The Last Hero (2001)
Night Watch (2002)
Monstrous Regiment (2003)
Thud! (2005)
Snuff (2011)

Death and Susan Sto Helit
Mort (1987)
Reaper Man (1991)
Soul Music (1994)
Hogfather (1996)
Thief of Time (2001)

Moist von Lipwig
Going Postal (2004)
Making Money (2007)
Raising Steam (2013)

Small Gods (1992)
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (2001)

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