Saturday, December 03, 2011

Butterfly Boucher: Cinnamon and Chocolate

Lovely Butterfly with one of my favourite Christmas songs so far ever. 

Hush little baby bird
Nest in my arms I'll keep you warm
In the night the stars will watch and guide your spirit
All your dreams will help you fly
Clementines won't pass you by
The faults of years have come and gone and we are alright
We are alright

We still have
Cinnamon and Chocolate
Holly and pine
Hearts will warm when fire's burning
Patience there's time

Hush little baby bird there is hope to spread across all the seasons
Oh the moonlight keeps the secrets
In the still before the dawn
there's a whisper, there's a song
And when mornings comes and night has gone there's joy
There is joy

words and music: Dawson Wells & Butterfly Boucher (2009)

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