Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ten cards

I've been a lazy postcrosser during the last months.Today's ten cards go to: USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Estonia, France, Czech Republic, Belarus, Romania and Finland. Let's see how long it takes them to arrive.

2.1.2016 cards to France and the Netherlands registered (3 days)
4.1.2016 card to Romania arrived (5 days) 
5.1.2016 card to Belarus arrived (6 days) 
6.1.2016 card to Czech Republic arrived (7 days) 
 7.1.2016 card to USA arrived (8 days)
9.1.2016 card to Hong Kong arrived (10 days)
10.1.2016 cards to Taiwan and Finland arrived (11 days)
15.1.2016 the final one to Estonia arrived (15 days)

Not to bad, is it?

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