Saturday, January 10, 2009

Keri Noble

In der Retrospektive war eine der besten musikalischen Neuerwerbungen des vergangenen Jahres Keri Nobles Let Go. Es war ein USA-Importkauf, aber es hat sich definitiv gelohnt.
Nun kann ich schon überlegen, wie ich an das Anfang Februar erscheinende neue Album von ihr herankomme.

What if you thought I was perfect?
If you stopped on the street just to look,
If I was the girl they all wanted to be,
I wonder would I still be me?

What if I could be the smartest?
If I had all the answers to life,
If no one had ever met somebody like me,
I wonder would I still be someone that I like?

If it's just me,
With every single little missin' and mixed up piece.
I don't know what you wanna see but I am
Individually, imperfect, incredible me.
Keri Noble, Imperfect, from album "Let Go", 2007.

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