Monday, May 30, 2011

Postcrossing curiosity

Indeed, you sometimes get strange requests and likings on postcrossing.
The normal cats and dogs, landscapes, city views or lighthouses.

Pipe organs or gravestones - a bit more unusual.
But today I got this:

- Anything red with a lisp
- Anything pink with a limp
- Anything blue with a squint
- Anything green with a grin
- Anything yellow with bad breath
- Anything that goes "pwett-pwett" or "clap-clap"

Apparently, Thaddée from France really is fed up with the normal touristic view cards and cute animals. I loved his request and here's the (self-made) card I chose for him:

My text: "[...] The trees are green and they grin, the clown limps and has bad breath."
I hope he likes it!

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