Monday, December 22, 2014

Blog post about blogging

I started this blog in 2004. Although I posted about some rather personal experiences at first it soon transformed into a space where I review my reading and write down fragments, quotes and pictures of things I liked or that I found interesting. I joined postcrossing in January 2010 and because there are many beautiul cards this became a topic of the blog too.

Posting was infrequent during the first years but since 2010 I tend to write between ten and fifteen posts per month, mostly depending on the time available (a lot of work = less postcrossing, less reading, less everything = less blogging).

In 2012 I closed down my homepage (read about that here) because I thought it wasn't appropriate anymore, too static, the address now redirects here to this blog.

Altogether I'm quite happy to have Everything and In Between because it helps me to evaluate and to better remember the things I read or see or listen to. I have to focus on what's important to me in books and why I like or dislike something. And I can come back later and visit these thoughts about a book or an author. My readers (if there are any) can do so too but since I'm not that active in the blogosphere increasing the numbers of visitors is not my first priority. But of course it is nice to think that someone might be interested in what I have to write or show - you are very welcome.

And the reason for writing this little overview of my blog's history is that this is my 1000th post.

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