Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jen Campbell - "Verkaufen Sie auch Bücher?"

Cute, short and very funny book about stupid humans in bookstores.
Some stories are unbelievable.
The German edition has a few pages of stories from German bookstores, but those are mainly about mispelled, wrongly remembered or misunderstood titles or names. That's funny too but the stories from the two British bookstores are way better. Reading this you know that booksellers have to have nerves of steel.

The original blog where the stories were collected is called weirdthingsinbookshops, the author Jen Campbell -  who works in a bookstore of course - has her own website, too.

Jen Campbell, "Verkaufen Sie auch Bücher?"Kuriose Kundenfragen in Buchhandlungen. Bastei Lübbbe, Köln 2014.

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