Saturday, December 29, 2018


After re-reading Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio and reliving the bunch of feelings I had reading it the first time I really stand with my review that it is an excellent book with an excellent message. I first read it in 2015, the film got out 2017. I never got around watching it until today.

I wasn't sure about Julia Roberts as Auggie's Mum but it worked as did the whole film. They changed some parts especially about the bullying. I guess they didn't want to have nice headmaster Poman looking bad. He is a good character in the book but he doesn't stop the bullies like he does in the film.
I liked that they kept the different perspectives, seeing things through August's, Via's and Miranda's eyes although they left out others. Altogether the film is very smooth, very happy-ending, very good. It's nice to get the message so well-presented - so everyone can feel and see and take it home with him or her.
I would say the book leaves a deeper impression but by all means, it's a good story and the film tells it well too.

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