Friday, January 02, 2015

DLS week 1 - Be your own goalkeeper

Art Challenge: Book Paper
Journal Prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper

This is the zentangled tag, repeating the word GELASSEN from my first art journal page. On the other side of the tag I brainstormed about the prompt what being a goalkeeper could mean... I wasn't really comfortable with the prompt but loved the art challenge that came with it. How fitting that the first one was to use book paper when my art journal is actually an old book and so some of the torn out papers were put back in the book. I mainly used watercolours, maybe I wanted a lighter feel to the pages, acryl is heavier somehow.
The metaphor (or double meaning) of the goalkeeper (or even of the word goal) is hard to get a grip on as a native German because the two German translations aren't related at all. Maybe that's why it was hard to focus on that. But the re-use of things that appeared on the first pages did the trick I guess... 

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