Thursday, January 01, 2015

Art Journal 2015

For a while I have been interested in art journals and looked at a lot of stuff on the web. I finally decided to try this in 2015. Because I liked the reading challenges a lot and found them quite motivating I thought something similar would be good to have for the art journal. I found two projects I liked: Journal 52 and The Documented Life Project. Both have facebook groups so it should be easy to follow. They both offer weekly prompts or topics what to do in your journal. Maybe I will focus on one of them or do both, I don't know yet and I don't know how it will work out regarding time and creative output. It's an adventure or an experiment and I'm looking forward to it.
For the actual journey I used an old linen bound book and tore out half of the pages to have space for paint and paper and other stuff that comes with doing mixed media projects. One of the "rules" for these kind of projects is "use what you have", so I did that instead of buying a new journal (but I might do that some point of the year, I don't know). I started with a new year's page - with the word GELASSEN in mind (meaning calm, serene, relaxed), I used acryl, oil pastels, pencils, pens, paper and a cutter - this is what happened: 

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