Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Postcrossing stats and retrospect

I joined postcrossing on 16th January 2010, which was 1082 days ago. 
My statistic informs me that since the I sent 898 postcards over a distance of 3,267,702 km and received 886 postcards over a distance of 3,199,000 km. I won't calculate how much postage that cost me, I don't wanna know. But there are probably more expensive hobbies than this. 

In 2012 things became a little slower by the end of the year as this graph shows:

Of course receiving goes down with the sending curve. The reasons for being less involved in postcrossing is mostly lack of time but also the amount of cards is sometimes overwhelming and I want to keep the feeling of appreciating the cards I get.
Here are some more graphs. First, my sent cards in 2012, top countries being the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, USA, Japan, Ukraine... The most exotic (or rarest) countries I was allowed to send a card to were Uruguay, India, Chile, Israel and Moldova.
Most cards travel for one or tweo weeks on average, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Belarus usually take longer, mostly three weeks. Curious, isn't it? Maybe somebody else has to read the cards first?!

And here's another picture showing the world spanning range of postcrossing, it's where my cards came from in 2012. You can't see the counties in details, especially not in Europe but it's pretty impressive anyway!

The biggest amounts of cards came from the Netherlands (57), USA (47), Russia (28), Belarus (27), Poland (26), Finland (22), China (19), Taiwan (14) and Ukraine (14).
The number of people in the Eastern countries like Belarus, Russia or Ukraine grew a lot which is sad for some collectors or lovers of special kind of cards since they usually send very typical (and in my opinion very ugly) tourist cards. National monuments of the USSR period are not very pretty for themselves, printing them on cards is even worse. Sorry for being so blunt. Maybe I'll do a post some day with the ugliest cards I received...
I got a few cards from unusual countries, too: Brazil, Cyprus, India, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Philippines, Slovakia and Sweden (there are very few postcrossers in Sweden - funny somehow because neighbour Finland has so many).

And here I'll end my statistics for 2012 - and look forward to writing and receiving many nice cards in 2013!

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