Monday, January 07, 2013

Kathy Reichs - Code

Here we go - it's the third Virals novel by Kathy Reichs (and her son Brendan has apparently something to do with it too). It's called Code and it is about the Gamemaster, an evil psychopath who plays games and tricks on the Virals pack for his own amusement. Just as before the kids have to rely on each other's strengths to decode the riddles and secrets of the Gamemaster.
Somehow this one had a slightly different tone than the former two. Mainly two things were a bit off: First, Tory's bossy way to say what needs to be done gets slightly annoying at times (although Reichs lets her get aware of this at times) and second - carefully said to avoid spoilers - another one of the pack falls out of character which I had a hard time believing. I was reminded of betrayal of another good character in a certain TV series called Bones... But maybe that's just me.
Apart from these slightly dislikable aspects Code was a good read, the wolfdog Coop is simply cute and I still like the youth language with its cartoon words ("SNAP!") and the kids' slightly addictive usage of mobiles and other technology.
It was fun.

Kathy Reichs, Code. Random House 2013.

This is also the first book for my book challenge kunterbunt:  "Nummer 10: Ein Buch, dessen Erscheinen du kaum Erwarten konntest"!

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