Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eragon revisited

I came back to this when I stumbled upon the German audiobook which was read by one of my favourite readers, Andreas Fröhlich, well-known for being one of the "???".
So I listened to it, for a very, very long time...
But I stand with my first evaluation of the book. The author put a lot of effort in creating a complex world of dragons and other fantastic beings, clearly inspired by The Lord of the Rings. The main character Eragon is not completely likable (his dragon Saphira is though) and he has to go through some difficult times, sometimes making some hard/stupid decisions. You sometimes get more interested in the other characters and feel stuck inside Eragon's point of view. Main flaw of the book: It's too long. It focuses on tiny bits and pieces, sometimes forgetting the overall narrative. Of course it's important to give some background mythology and history in a fantasy epic like this, but it gets boring.
The dragon and rider idea is lovely though, it was well done in the audiobook, giving the mind-to-mind-conversations of Eragon and Saphira a special sound effect.
I'm not sure if I will revisit the other books of the series. It just takes too much time that might be better spend with other books.

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