Monday, April 06, 2015

Kathy Reichs - Swamp Bones

Apparently it became a habit for bestseller authors to write novellas or short stories which take place in between the normal books of the series. Tess Gerritsen does that, Kathy Reichs does it too.
Although the latest Tempe Brennan novels haven’t been as good as the earlier ones I keep reading all her work. Swamp Bones is numbered 16.5 of the series. The story is basically about an exhausted Tempe visiting her friend/science colleague Dr. Lisa Robbin in Florida. Lisa is a specialist in identifying birds, most of her “victims” were eaten by pythons in the swamp before. The pythons are intruders and a threat to the local fauna of the Everglades. It is a big problem in the national park and the novella offers some interesting facts on the topic.
Upon arrival Tempe realizes some of the remains in Lisa’s lab aren’t bird, but human. The python ate a vulture which ate a human hand! Tempe gets drawn into identifying the remains by the local authorities. 
The story is quite short, less than a hundred pages so the case gets solved quickly. Some of the dialogues and inner monologues of Tempe are quite funny and so Swamp Bones was a nice, quick and enjoyable read.

Kathy Reichs, Swamp Bones. A Novella. Bantam Books, New York 2014.


Für die Buchchallenge 20/15 habe ich in diesem Buch aus der Kategorie III. Handlung "ums Überleben kämpfen" ausgesucht. Als Tempe dem Täter auf die Spur kommt, verfolgt dieser sie durch das unwegsame Terrain der Everglades in Florida, sie muss Angst vor Alligatoren und dem Gewehr des Mörders haben!

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