Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kathy Reichs: Seizure

Kathy Reichs recently published the second novel - Seizure - in her young adult series around Tory Brennan, grandniece of Tempe Brennan.
In the first novel, Virals, Tory and her three friends get infected with a virus that alters their DNA, gives them special abilities and connects them to act together like a wolf pack. This is still new to them and still not without risks when they learn that they might have to move because their parents might all loose their jobs at the research facility which has lost its funding. So the pack desperately needs a solution  - and a lot of money - to be able to stay together. They come up with an equally desperate plan - they want to find the long lost treasure of Anne Bonny, a pirate in the 18th century. Of course their abilities help with their search and to escape the gangsters who try to seize the treasure from them.

Again, as the first one this Virals novel is quite entertaining to read - nicely done.

Kathy Reichs, Seizure. Penguin, New York 2011.

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