Friday, October 10, 2014

What is important in life?

Once in a while you get these really amazing and inspiring cards. With this one at first, it was only the sheer happiness of receiving a new Moomin card. The Moomin family looks so adventurous and I like the way Moominmama holds those precious books close to her. Never loose the important things! Additionally, the waves are created with some glittery stuff which you can't see on the scanned version.
But turning the card over I got a lovely story too! Much too often postcrossers just write the usual, worst case it is just "happy postcrossing" or "greetings from ...", sometimes you get some bits of personal info or two sentences about their hometown. Don't get me wrong, that is fine, and I realize that not everyone is capable of expressing more complicated stuff in a foreign language as English is for most postcrossers.
But back to this special card: Pia from Finland told me about a family project they had in her family. It was called "Don't buy anything in April"! This included everything: food, clothes, fuel, cosmetics, postcards, ... you name it. The project derrived from a  joke or silly thought if it would be possible. Apparently it was, she said they just ate what was stored in the fridge, refridgerator or cupboards. And it got everyone thinking about what is really necessary, what do we buy simply on impulse or because we think we need to buy something.
How many things do we own that aren't of any use for us (including the use of being decorative, we have way too many candles, pictures, kitsch of all kinds!)? There's too much of everything in our homes. I certainly own too many things I don't need or that are even in my way. If you start thinking about that a little bit longer you might get crazy about it (or come back to reading books like Simplify your life). 
So I loved to read about this family's project and it got me thinking - what more can you ask for in a postcard?

PS.: No, don't ask me about storing my received cards, I know, I know...

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Laura said...

What a wonderful project and yes, very inspiring! We have a saying posted on our fridge that we try to live by (try being the operative word) it is: Use it up, wear it out, make do, do without.
Last month I did a thirty-day giving challenge. I gave away something everyday for thirty days. It felt great!