Sunday, March 08, 2015

Katzenjammer Live

Yesterday was actually the third time (Bielefeld 2011 and Dorsten 2012) that I saw these four crazy and greatly talented musicians on stage. Katzenjammer played at Ringlokschuppen and it was sold out.
Their new album Rockland was published in January 2015 and at first I wasn't overly excited by the music but seeing these ladies perform their with all their energy and love for what they are doing I was amazed again.
I think they got a bit more professional during the last years, more roadies helping on stage, more "choreography", more of a light show. But still you get the impression they put everything into the show, so much energy, and they seem to be totally enjoying themselves while doing it. The folky, country, crazy songs were great but I especially enjoyed their singing on the calmer pieces for each of them has their unique voice and these girls really can sing. A total blast of an evening.

There are a lot of videos of their performances online, no good one of yesterday yet. But here's a little session video of the two most catchy songs of Rockland where you can have a nice look at them.

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