Thursday, May 16, 2013

Claudia Gray - Evernight

For my second book challenge I had to find a book in the vampire genre. I should have chosen one of Pratchett's Überwald novels - they have some vampires - but no, after some research on goodreads I chose an audiobook from the local library.
Evernight by Claudia Gray is the story of a young girl who starts at a new boarding school with a lot of strange "gothic" kind of kids. Vampires. But there are humans, too. And vampire hunters. And teeny love. Lots of teeny stuff actually. And lots of bits and pieces copied from or "inspired" by the Twilight saga and apparently other vampire series as some other reviewers pinted out.
There isn't really much to tell about the plot, two or three little twists but nothing you couldn't or wouldn't have guessed. She finds out who or what she is, loves the wrong boy, who reveals who or what he really is... bla.
The language was tedious, lots of unnecessary details about the clothes or how close a specific part of the boy was to the girl and that kind of things.
All in all, I would consider this book a total waste of my reading time, really grateful it was an audiobook, so I got some cleaning and ironing done while finishing it. And no, I won't consider reading any of the other four following novels.

Claudia Gray, Evernight. Penhaligon 2009.

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