Saturday, February 08, 2014

Kathy Reichs - Shift (Virals 2.5)

Recently, I stumbled across two short novellas of Kathy Reichs' YA series "Virals" which of course I couldn't resist buying. The first one is called Shift and takes place between book 2 (Seizure) and 3 (Code), therefore it is 2.5.
The plot is simple. Tech equipment is stolen from the LIRI and the pack of virals hurry to investigate before anyone else does. Equipped with their superpower senses they quickly find out who did it.
The 80 pages are a quick read, the story is not that exciting. What is more interesting is that each chapter of the novella is written from a different perspective. The other novels are written from Tory Brennan's point of view, now you can see the characters through the eyes of the boys, Hi, Sheldon and Ben, and even get a glimpse of them from Tory's father and her aunt Tempe's (yes, that's her, Tempe from the Bones' novels) point of view. So you get to see different aspects of the main characters which is nice... if you are a fan of the series. Otherwise Shift is not the best choice for the first "Virals" novel or Kathy Reichs book.

Kathy Reichs, Shift (Virals 2.5). G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York 2013.

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