Friday, October 27, 2017

Enid Blyton - Fünf Freunde als Retter in der Not

Every once in a while I read one of these. It calms me down.
I love that thanks to local Onleihe (online) library I have several available as e-books. These new German digital editions have new illustrations by Gerda Raidt, a German illustrator. So far 22 of Enid Blyton's "Famous Five" books were transformed into the new format.
I like that I know the stories by heart having listened to the audiobooks as a child over and over again. Those were very close to the books, not leaving out many details. The books make a short comforting read in between other heavier topics.

In this particular edition the five friends go camping near a friend's farm. An small airfield is closeby with secret new plane models. One stormy night, two pilots get kidnapped and the planes stolen. The friends search for the missing pilots in some caves and are able to rescue them.

Enid Blyton, Fünf Freunde als Retter in der Not. cbj, München 2016.

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