Friday, March 01, 2013

Elke Dag

Postcrossing is an amazing hobby as is, lots of different people, styles, interests and - of course - different cards. That's something that doesn't get old. And every now and then you come across a fellow postcrosser that's even more interesting, likes the same stuff you yourself like or does interesting things. Recently, I had the pleasure of sending a postcard to Gerda in the Netherlands. She's a photographer, graphic designer and ... a post woman, what a great combination! She linked her blog on her postcrossing profile and here's what she writes about her blog concept:
"EVERY DAY I look around and see special things. Those things I photograph.
EVERY DAY I choose two photos that show a contrast but also a similarity.
EVERY DAY I post 2 photos, above them 1 title."
I like her pictures a lot and I think the idea to combine two contrasting pictures that are nevertheless connected is great. I could imagine stories about these photos... surreal perhaps... but great stories.
So I wanted you to get the chance to look at her blog too:


Here's one example with the title Fold:

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